The Sancy massif

The Sancy massif is centrally located in France and in the heart of the Puy de Dôme department in the Auvergne region. It is ideal for hiking holidays. It is also called "the original version of the Auvergne". The Puy de Sancy is with its 1,886 meters the highest mountain in the Auvergne and the Massif Central. One can either hike over or around it. There are in total hundreds of kilometers of signposted hiking trails.

During the walks you will pass through a very varied landscape, with numerous picturesque villages, megalithic monuments, churches and castles.


The Sancy massif is a volcanic area. Each “Puy” was created by an outburst of volcanic activity.

Lord and master is the Puy de Sancy with the Vallée de Chaudefour. All created by several eruptions during different periods. Impressive remains are still to be seen. There are also numerous lakes, some in old craters, other originated in a different way.

Due to the differences in height, streams flow rapidly and form many beautiful waterfalls.

There is a rich flora and fauna. Certain colors prevail in a given period: after the white of the common butterbur and the water-crowfoot the pink of the smartweed and the pink mist will emerge, followed by the yellow of the daffodils and the wild gentians.

There are mouflons, chamois, red deer and marmots and otters play on the waterfront. In the air you see buzzards and falcons, eagles, kites, various owl species and rare rock blackbirds.

Architecture & Cultural heritage

In this rich nature, humans left their trace since prehistoric times. From megaliths to medieval castles and Romanesque churches, the Sancy massif has it all.

In addition there is much attention for tradition and artisan activities such as the production of Saint Nectaire cheese. And on the markets, tradition and modern life come together.

Especially in July and August there are also many festivals and concerts being organised.